Who We Are

The BaCo Group is a full service, boutique style, accounting, tax and attestation firm that partners with entrepreneurs and owners, to provide high quality and individualized service. We provide a full range of tax planning and preparation services, accounting consulting and attestation services, outsourced ‘CFO’ related services, and more. We see the relationship between a business and its accountant as a partnership. We achieve this relationship in many ways, but first and foremost by working side by side with our client partners throughout the year, instead of just on a reactionary basis.

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What We Do

We are a Dallas Area CPA firm focused on taxes and small business consulting. Our staff works diligently to make sure the clients needs are taken care of, seeking to understand each persons unique tax situation.

We follow a rigorous and thorough process to ensure complete compliance and accuracy, and every return is reviewed by one of our Senior Staff members. We believe that in order to help our clients become all they were created to be, unique and thorough service should be provided to each situation we encounter.

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Why We Do It

For the past 10+ years, our focus has been on serving clients of all sizes, from individuals with simple accounting and tax situations to multi state corporations with extensive tax reporting and GAAP financial statement requirements. Along the way, we realized that we have the most success and are able to provide the highest quality service when we serve our clients 12-months a year, rather than taking a first look at their data the day before or week before a filing deadline.

From this realization, a new strategy was born. Being a ‘boutique’ accounting firm is more than just a fancy name or a catch phrase. It means that we serve the unique needs of a unique clientele, in a unique way.

We are intentionally small in that we do not accept new clients unless they fit directly into this niche – businesses seeking a professional advisory partner. We serve entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, but only when the needs of these businesses align with our strategies. We only accept new clients who will work with us to facilitate shared accounting records, typically a shared QuickBooks file in a hosted environment. This allows us real time access to current records, and reduces the wasted administrative time of sending dated files back and forth. We also have strategically reduced much of the waste involved in a traditional firm in the area of administrative expense.

We want our resources devoted to client service rather than focuses on administrative functions. We have implemented ‘smart billing’ allowing for clients to budget for services on a monthly basis rather than dealing with the expense of paying for a year of services all at once. We have invested heavily in information technology to automate processes, and to allow for secure document sharing with our clients. The BaCo Group is always looking for new and creative ways to serve our client partners.