What We Do

The BaCo Group, PLLC is a public accounting firm that serves entrepreneurs and their business interests exclusively. We have proprietary technology solutions that maximize our ability to work on current matters for all of our clients. Instead of focusing on redundant tasks, we are able to provide clients with advisory services and a commitment to real-time relationships, proactive services, preemptive problem solving, maximum efficiencies, increased security, and better value overall.

Our Services

Our Values

Many of our efficiencies and services are driven around our core values that we have developed over years of public accounting and client service experience.

Proactive Relationships

We seek to have proactive and strategic relationships with our clients. Our technology solutions allow us to work on your current accounting and tax as it happens rather than looking in the rearview. Proactive relationships adapt and change as needed and have consistent, clear communication with one another. These things are pillars of our client relationships.



We seek to always be improving, not settling for the solution that works when there is potential for a better one. We look at problems that our clients face as opportunities to innovate with new solutions and greater services. From our workflow technology to our billing practices, we seek to innovate as much as we can to provide our clients with better service and our employees with a better experience.


Collective Value

We deliver the same level of service and standard to all of our clients regardless of the size of the business or level of complexity. Having the same set of solutions for every one of our clients allows us to be more efficient and proactive for each one of our clients. 

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Our Technology

At the BaCo Group, we are able to deliver greater efficiencies and services to our clients because of our workflow technology, developed in house. BaCo Tech puts us in the middle of your accounting information, real-time and securely, allowing us to gather your data real-time and do the work we need to do as it happens, rather than at year-end. It is a patented solution that is beginning to be adopted at other firms around the country because of the truly unique and proactive services we are now able to provide our clients.

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