“It Should Be Easy”
Jun 02 4:24 PM

“It Should Be Easy”

Jun 02 4:24 PM
Jun 02 4:24 PM

“It should be easy.”  

In the maddening world of accounting and tax compliance, that phrase, “it should be easy,” is frequently repeated by entrepreneurs and business owners. That is, their accounting should be easy. The BaCo Group agrees with this statement wholeheartedly, and we work hard to make sure it’s a reality for our clients. 

When it comes to financial services, you don’t have to look very hard to see how complex and intricate things can be. In fact, some firms & agencies strive to have complex agreements, pricing plans, and billing statements because they believe it showcases their expertise. They market their complexity as a good thing. 

At BaCo, we take the opposite approach. The idea of complicating matters to turn a profit frustrates us just as much as it frustrates you. Therefore, we’ve made it our mission to make “easy” your reality. We don’t care if you’re a business owner looking for an advisor or a CPA looking for career advice, the goal is easy, and we want to make that possible for you.  

What Does “Easy” Mean? 

“Easy” means working on 2021 tax returns...in 2021. Even if the forms aren’t ready, BaCo prepares your data ahead of time so it’s ready when you need it. It also saves clients money because we don’t generate hundreds of hours in March and April and then surprise them with a looming tax bill. It also means staying ahead of deadlines, so clients don’t ever get past due notices. 

“Easy” means BaCo doesn’t say “yes” to every single prospective client that walks in the door. We plan and organize our work so that when the day comes to an end, we go home, and we don’t take our work with us. Burnout is a serious thing, and we make sure that our staff is rested and refreshed so they can meet all your deadlines as a client. Fun fact: the BaCo Group staff famously takes long weekends during tax deadlines because we routinely finish our clients’ work ahead of time. 

“Easy” means BaCo doesn’t keep clients who don’t comply with our uncomplicated method. Our clients stay organized and plan ahead, so our clients rest confident knowing they can focus on making the money while we focus on counting it. 

While we can’t promise that every BaCo client will understand the complexities of current tax law or accounting itself, we can promise that you’ll work with the experts who do. BaCo is committed to using all the available technology possible to make it “easy,” even if it means writing our own software to ensure a seamless experience.  

How Do We Achieve this Goal?   

We start with ourselves. BaCo Group only hires the best to answer the bell. Furthermore, our systems and software are designed to prevent problems, not fix them. Why? Because time spent preventing a problem is always more efficient than fixing one that already happened. It’s also less stressful, which means it’s easier. 

Choosing the right client is the next big part of how we make things “easy.” We work exclusively with business owners who want a simpler, more efficient accounting and tax routine. Unmet or misaligned expectations can do all kinds of damage to client relationships, and don’t set anyone up for success. 

The last piece of the puzzle is technology. Believe it or not, we put away our counting beans and little green visors years ago. Now, we work with some of the most robust and powerful accounting software in the industry. How do we know that? 

Well, we developed it and patented it. And we are continuously optimizing it. Our proprietary platform works on the enterprise level allowing us to report on multiple entities within large organizations. What once took lots of research, cross-referencing, and “let me get back to you on that,” now takes no time at all. We can answer questions more efficiently, document everything, and deliver the results to our clients.  

Pretty easy. 

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