Signs You Need to Switch CPAs
Jun 24 9:38 AM

Signs You Need to Switch CPAs

Jun 24 9:38 AM
Jun 24 9:38 AM

The Good an Accounting Firm Can Do 

An accounting firm that’s managing your finances should not only save you time and money but also provide you with a plethora of information and knowledge regarding how you can continue to succeed. Your firm should be there to help you every step of the way when you encounter financial issues as well. If this does not summarize your experience with your current CPA, it may be time to switch. Here are some signs that it’s time for you to switch accountants.  

1. Your accountant isn’t serving you.  

At a quality accounting firm, you’ll work closely with actual accountants. If you’re constantly being referred to other people or are only able to speak with the general office staff, you probably need to switch firms. As a client, you should be of utmost importance to the CPAs in the office. 

2. The fees are building up.  

There can be some issues when it comes to how your accountant bills you for their services. You might get billed a whole hour for a 3-minute call. You pay extra for calls made outside of business hours. If your firm is layering fees like this, you’re paying a lot more than you should for the services you’re receiving. Planning for taxes and what you may owe is stressful enough, and if you have a CPA who surprises you with a bill of their own after the work is done that can compound the stress. Many firms, like mine, today bill up front, rather than after the fact, which is more efficient for them, and less stressful for you. Consider accounting firms that communicate your financial obligations to them upfront, not after the work is done. 

3. There’s a lack of communication.  

Communication is essential in this line of work. There is a lot of information to gather and questions to answer. Whether you’ve always struggled talking to your CPA, or a lack of communication is new, the problem needs to be fixed. This might mean having a discussion with your CPA, but if it’s a constant issue, you should begin to look elsewhere for accounting services.  

4. Your CPA doesn’t advise or consult you through questions. 

Your accountant should be well-versed in the industry, so if they’re hesitant to offer advisory services or help you address your questions or answer your questions by simply sending you the results of a Google search, it’s time to look elsewhere. There are many resources that CPAs have access to, and you should have a relationship with them that allows them to leverage those resources to your advantage and help. You want an accountant that is confident in their knowledge and ready to give you the advice you need.  

5. Your CPA is reactive, not proactive. 

At BaCo, we’re as proactive as it gets. We have technology that allows us to stay ahead of the game and get taxes done early. If your accountant is simply reacting instead of working ahead and being proactive for your sake, you should begin looking into other accounting firms. You need someone who’s on your side and ready to help you, not fixing mistakes after they happen.  

If reading through this article has made you rethink who your CPA is, reach out to BaCo to discuss what we can do for you. Our qualified CPAs would be happy to discuss a plan of action with you and create a CPA – Client relationship that both of us are satisfied. Don’t wait until next tax season rolls around, contact BaCo today. 

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