How We Work

If you are considering engaging our firm, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know how we work, how we communicate, and what are the key items that we believe differentiates us and other firms you may be considering.

  1. Every one of our clients has the same deadline, which creates stress in a lot of firms but people want answers early. We believe we can plan and get done on time, communicate tax obligations a week prior to their due date.
  2. Therefore we hire the best people possible, there is a lot of things on our site about work life balance, that's because the big firms in our business have enormous resources to get the best talent coming out of college each year. You have the same tax code, you want some of the best working for you. We get the best by offering the best work environment. We have a stated goal of no overtime during busy season, we aren't there yet but we believe we can get there. 
  3. How does that impact clients, we get done early, we plan. If you don't believe you should be integrally involved in the process of gathering and working so things happen efficiently and effectively, we aren't the firm for you. We want the best clients because we don't want people that don't want to organize and plan adversely impacting the clients that do. We do not take on projects like catching up tax returns for non-filers because 100% of our resources are directed toward keeping our clients on schedule. If you are surprised that people actually don't plan ahead and may not file returns, we should be the firm for you because none of those folks will interrupt our plans to keep your returns on schedule. The best people possible working on a plan give you that opportunity.
  4. How do we do that?
    1. Therefore, our partners work on projects, work on tax returns. Most experience and helps with efficiency
    2. Therefore Kaitlyn is communication coordinator.
    3. Therefore Stefanie manages workflow
    4. Therefore we develop technology and host files
    5. Therefore we bill once a year