Seamless Integration

The BaCo Group has a patent pending on a process that seamlessly integrates our clients accounting records directly into our workflow. That integration allows us to provide these services to clients. 

Automated / Consolidated Online Financial Reporting

Get up to the date information on your clients with drill down detail across an unlimited number of entities, automatically, overnight. Comes with automated month end reporting to financial users when books are closed.

Eliminate Redundancies

Touch an item once and update client records and your CPAs in the same workflow. No picking up projections and adding items to depreciation schedules multiple times, prepare tax adjustments and teach the platform how to interpret data in the future. 

Command Center

The command center can be viewed on a smart phone or from any browser, login and generate financial statements, post or propose adjustments, clear notifications, update depreciation records and related book and tax depreciation expense, send communications, request additional services and send out revised engagement letters.

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Business Taxes

Business tax returns create a different set of challenges; most owners want to minimize their income to pay the smallest amount of tax possible while juggling the need to give a healthy bottom line to the bank. Additionally, they would like to build up the value of the business so that the day they are ready to sell their business they get the highest return possible.

The professional staff at BaCo Group work hard to make that happen for you by preparing and presenting your financial statements in a way that gives the bank comfort while keeping your tax expense as low as possible. Not by breaking any rules, nobody wants to be the next Enron, but by honestly and ethically analyzing the results of your operations and helping outside investors understand your desire to keep profits under control.

Individual Taxes

Often times an individual income tax return can be as complicated a project to prepare or plan for as anything we encounter. Oil and gas positions, real estate opportunities, straddling transactions, self employed individuals, passive activities, multi-state returns, the alternative minimum tax, and foreign taxes are just a few of the items that may pop up on any tax return. That does not include how complicated some routine things like getting dividends from a mutual fund have become.

With over 30 combined tax seasons worth of experience at BaCo Group we stand ready to meet whatever challenge your tax return presents, from the items listed above to simply getting your return completed early so you can get your refund.



Whether it is monthly financials, quarterly reviews or an annual audit, BaCo Group will engage some of the finest professionals to help you meet any financial criterion you may encounter. Our audit team gives you the autonomy you desire for the audit function while working closely with our tax and accounting team.

Monthly and quarterly financials are handled in house, but we work within the guidelines set out by our outside audit team in case those services are needed. We can also help you make a host of decisions by preparing budgets, forecasts, projections and other items.


Each member of our staff is unique in that they all are involved in small business ownership. From Corporations and Limited Liability Companies to Partnerships and Sole Proprietors we have someone on staff that is involved in the ownership and operations of all these entities. We understand how important it is that your accounting doesn’t run your business because we don’t let it run ours, and in our case our business is accounting.

We want you to experience what we have, accounting systems that integrate into what we do each day without interfering and without becoming any more of a burden than necessary.

Each accountant is trained to use accounting software and in many cases is certified in the software you select. Your account will not simply be peddled off to a staff person who attended a QuickBooks seminar once and is now trying to help you run your business. The trusted advisor you work with shares your concern, because on some level they have experienced it themselves.