Our Focus

We work well with business owners that want more efficient transparency in their financial reporting, and a more hands-on relationship with their CPA. 

We work with clients that are focused on what they do best, and allow us to focus on what we do best. That happens by adopting technological innovations that help us and our clients focus on the work we do best, eliminating the inefficient manual processes that have plagued our industry and clients for so long.

Our Services

Our services are based on continuous, real-time advisory and tax planning services. These services are driven by a consistent, centralized workflow (BaCo Tech), so they can be maintained in a manner where the year-end tax compliance and financial reporting process is the natural and automated result of the current period advisory services provided to you and your business.

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Strategic Problem Solving

We look at problems our clients face as an opportunity to find a solution. Our systems help us efficiently identify problems and errors and deliver solutions back to our clients as they occur rather than months down the road. When our clients have common problems, we can create common solutions, and help implement those solutions.

Concierge Accounting

Our professionals primarily focus on their client’s current year accounting and tax. We work on small business tax planning and preparation real-time, the related opportunities to maximize client value, and planning to minimize the taxes due from that current-year activity. Prior year services and administrative services related to electronic filing are limited to final review, rather than them being our primary focus.

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Tax Planning & Preparation

Most CPA firms provide tax planning at year-end as a special project in addition to the tax prep services they provide to their clients. We view successful tax preparation as a natural result of a proactive tax plan. At The BaCo Group, we work on our client's taxes in real-time, automating redundant tasks to provide higher value to you and your business, including current projections of your taxes based on the current activity of your business.

Tax Planning  Tax Preparation

Reporting Services

Financial Reporting | Our workflow is built around optimizing the ability to work with clients on an accrual basis. It does that with a focus on their Accrual Based EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) as that is what investors, lenders, and buyers use to determine the business's value. By working with clients on accrual-based reporting with a simplified EBITDA reporting style, the BaCo Group maximizes the benefits of accrual-based accounting for the client. 


Automatic Consolidated or Combined Reporting
| Many business owners have multiple entities in which they have ownership or interest. Because of our technology and workflow, we are able to provide our clients with automated accounting and reporting with a consolidated or combined approach for each of the businesses the client owns, regardless of the accounting platforms they run on.

Current Income Tax Reporting
Because the process of recording adjustments is automated and recorded inside the BaCo Group’s workflow, we can give our clients access to reports that show them their current income tax within the same set of reports.

Consulting Services

Because of our workflow and our ability to work off of real-time, current year accounting data, our consulting services allow us to guide you based on your current decisions, not decisions made in the past. Rather than showing you where you've gone off course in the past, we are able to help you stay on course in the present and better plan for the future. We are able to provide guidance and quickly address questions and concerns as they arise throughout the year.

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Our Difference

We are dedicated to delivering the same standard of excellent services to all of our clients. Our difference not only lies in our workflow and technology but in our philosophies and focuses. We have greater efficiencies than any of our competitors because our solutions are driven by simplifying tasks so that we can automate them and deliver the same standard of service to every single one of our clients. We are dedicated to constantly improving our systems so that we can continue to provide better, more proactive services for all of our clients.

The BaCo Group Difference