Concierge Accounting with BaCo

Within our Concierge Accounting Service, we provide a bespoke service for our customers that are packaged to your specific goals. These goals extend far beyond "just preparing a tax return" or "just preparing a bank reconciliation." We prepare you for success.

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Helpful Concierge Accounting Services in Dallas, TX

Concierge Tax Services

We don't believe in tax preparation. We believe tax preparation is a byproduct of a continual tax plan which is being automated through our patented technology called BaCo Tech. While most CPA firms will struggle to prepare your last year's numbers on last year's tax form, our technology allows us to give you a real time picture of where you stand for tax purposes every day.

Concierge Accounting Services

We don't believe there is value in merely recording your historical debits and credits. What we do believe is how those historical numbers can help forecast future results. Whether you are a start-up or an established business looking for a CPA firm that can keep in step with your daily operations, we are here to help. We find ways to simplify, standardize and automate your accounting needs through our best practice tech stacks customized to your context. 

Why We Do It

We believe that our best customer relationships do not happen once a year during tax time, but through constant communication throughout the year.  We want to redefine your experience with your current CPA but allowing you unlimited access throughout the year at a flat fee monthly subscription price (as opposed to an hourly billing model).

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