Tax Preparation

At The BaCo Group, we work on our client's taxes in real-time, automating adjustments and entries for the tax return throughout the year, and delivering you a projection of your taxes based on the current activity going on in your business.

Tax Planning Services

Tax Preparation Consulting in Dallas, TX

Streamlined Tax Preparation

By streamlining this service through our technology, we take the compression out of yearly tax return preparation for you and your business, giving us the ability to offer real-time tax consulting based on current, year-to-date, information.

Headache-Free Data Delivery

The issues around gathering and delivering your data to your CPA are solved because we pull in your needed information for tax preparation and tax consulting each and every day.

Effective & Timely Advice

Because we are doing tax preparation throughout the year, our consulting services are able to offer you and your business timely and accurate advice based on the decisions you are currently making and discussing how to improve your outlook for your tax return, real-time.

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