Our Difference

At the BaCo Group, our approach to our relationships with our clients is one of the main differences between us and other traditional CPA firms. We approach our client issues as opportunities to improve ourselves and help our clients run better businesses

The Majority of CPA firms spend 60-90 days preparing and finalizing your information for your Tax Return, which leads to compression, stress, and year-end filing surpises.

In reality, from the beginning of a tax year to filing we have 460 days to do that work. At the BaCo Group, our workflow allows us to engage with you throughout the year working in real-time, utilizing those 460 days to help you make better decisions in regards to your business and understand the implications of your financial decisions in real time.

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Tax Services

Our difference in tax services: Rather than approaching tax planning as a byproduct of tax prep, we view tax prep as the end result of an ongoing, proactive tax plan based on real-time data. 

Benefits for you: By working with your CPA on real-time information, you will be able to adjust as needed. Rather than being surprised by unexpected taxes, you will better anticipate what will come after filing.


Consulting Services

Our difference in consulting services: CPAs that offer consulting services typically work off monthly or quarterly reports and coach you on decisions that you have already made and the damage is often done. We operate off your real-time accounting data, allowing our consulting to be based on current decisions and for us to help you catch mistakes as they happen.



Benefits for you: Make better decisions for your business and have a CPA who's helping guide you towards saving more. And instead of having to gather and deliver monthly or quarterly reports, have your information automatically delivered in real-time. 



Reporting Services

Our difference in reporting services: Reporting for business is typically time-consuming and costly. A lot of small business owners don't see the service as something worth the effort or expense. Because of our ability to work off your transactions and real-time info, we are able to generate custom financial reports for businesses (individual, combined, or consolidated), easily and automatically.

Benefits for you: Understanding the real-time state of your finances is important for any business, no matter the industry or size. Instead of investing time and money you may not have, have a CPA that automatically generates these for you, available at any time through a secure online log-in on any device.

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