Big Firm to Small Firm
Oct 22 9:12 AM

Big Firm to Small Firm

Oct 22 9:12 AM
Oct 22 9:12 AM

Kayla, you’ve just finished your first busy season at BaCo. What was it like for you and how did it compare to the environment at a Big 4 firm? 

Busy season at BaCo was more relaxed than what I’ve experienced before. We work 55 hours during busy season and can offset these overtime hours during the summer by having every other Friday off. This is a huge motivator when it comes to pushing through the busy times for the sake of travel and my busy personal life. We also have a more streamlined review process, so projects wrap up quickly which was productive. It was to be a part of such a great team that worked hard and stayed organized!

Specifically, regarding desk/phone hoteling, how is that different for you compared to your old firm? 

It’s not uncommon for larger companies to have a hoteling policy where you must reserve a desk to work at every day. At BaCo, I have my own office, so I don’t have to worry about reserving a spot to sit and having to gather all my belongings at the end of the day. I have come to find having your own space is important and results in less stress and more productivity.

How is it to be in a direct line of communication and training with owners every day?

BaCo allows for a much more hands on approach to communicating with clients. I can reach out to client’s whenever I need- this allows me to build strong relationships with them and gain a better understanding of their business’ operations. Plus, I really enjoy being able to interact with clients on a personal level and hear about their families, hobbies, etc.

What do you enjoy about BaCo’s causal dress code? How do you think it reflects our culture at BaCo? 

I love BaCo’s casual dress code- wearing jeans every day is a dream! I think it reflects our culture by us having a laid-back approach, while executing what needs to be done. Plus, not having to stock up on business professional attire is a huge bonus!

What do you enjoy about our team bonding lunches and energizing moments throughout the week?

It’s nice to sit down with my co-workers and talk about what everyone has going on in their lives rather than talking about work all day. I have come to find building relationships with your co-workers boosts office morale and makes it a much more welcoming place to work.

Does BaCo’s technology ‘work’?

Whenever someone mentions working at a small public accounting firm, the assumption is that the technology is behind the times. That’s not the case at BaCo! Not only do we use technology that is the same or similar to that used at other public accounting firms, but we are also are investing in other technology that will allow for greater efficiencies in the work place. It’s nice!

How was it traveling to Texas Tech University and speak to students about work/life balance?

It was rewarding being able to take time the weekend before a deadline to go speak with accounting students at Texas Tech. I hoped that I could share with them things about “the real world” that I hadn’t thought about as a student, so that they can find a workplace that they love and want to build a career at.

What did you think about how we prepped for tax season? 

We have weekly staff meetings to discuss current projects and tasks to be completed. Going through this list on a weekly basis helps us stay focused on the tasks at hands and keeps us organized while we get through our deadlines. 


It’s been amazing having you apart of Team BaCo Kayla! Without your hard work and dedication, this tax season wouldn’t have happened. We’re looking forward to this next year with you apart of Team BaCo.


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