Coffee Talk with Brennan
Jun 28 10:31 AM

Coffee Talk with Brennan

Jun 28 10:31 AM
Jun 28 10:31 AM

Kaitlyn:  Brennan, you’ve just finished your first busy season with BaCo. What was it like for you-the hours and all and how did it compare to the environment at accounting firms you have worked for in the past?


Brennan:  I cannot believe the flexibility!  I have never really had any flexibility with other firms when I worked. All other firms required 9-5 in the office outside of tax season and usually about 9-7 in the office during tax season.


Oh, and most firms also required half-days on Saturdays.  By being able to have a lot more flexibility at BaCo compared to the other firms I have worked, and this made a huge difference with regard to my family.  Also, we got our extensions done early and so, were able to take some time off even before the April filing deadline, which had a huge impact on job satisfaction for me.  


K:  What else sets BaCo apart for you?


B: The CULTURE!  BaCo has such a different culture than a typical CPA firm. The environment is more relaxed and a lot more flexible than your typical accounting firm. The workload and stress level seems to be manageable.


Most places I’ve worked at have been somewhat casual, but not as casual as BaCo, since we can wear jeans every day. At the past firms I’ve been at, the requirement has typically been business casual --which would usually be a polo shirt and dress pants. Most places have allowed jeans on Fridays.


K:  What about teamwork and creating energy during those long days?


B:  BaCo does a ton to help us decompress and to show their appreciation.  I enjoy regularly going to lunch with everyone from BaCo. Most firms I’ve been with in the past hardly anyone gets lunch together.


I also enjoy the activities we have done to break up the day-- like the Easter Egg Hunt! Also, the firm’s fitness initiative (50% match on exercise equipment) is a huge benefit and is unique for a relatively small company to offer. When I think of this kind of benefit, I think of companies like Google offering it.  BaCo is very innovative.


K:  Does BaCo’s technology ‘work’?


B:  Investment in technology is extremely important to me. I have been very frustrated at times with outdated technology or a lack of technology at other firms. Getting work done is so much more enjoyable when I have effective tools to work with.


K: Well, overall, sounds like a great have a great first impression of BaCo after finishing your first tax season with us. You did a great job and we’re grateful to have you as a part of our group Brennan! Thanks for your input.

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